Friday, November 5, 2010

And Baby Makes Three!

It has been forever since I posted to my blog. In the time that I haven’t posted, I’ve gotten married and I’m expecting my first baby! Needless to say, my mission to lose weight has been temporarily put on hold. I am so excited AND nervous! My due date is March 25, 2011 (a week before my birthday, April 2). I am looking forward to having a spring baby. I found out that we’re having a boy last week so I’m happy to start shopping for the little guy. And what better time to shop for baby than at Christmas! I haven't been as active as I should during my pregnancy but hey, I blame it on the hormones. I've been fortunate/blessed enough to not have any morning sickness. My biggest issues were nausea, fatigue and heart-burn during my first trimester. All of these problems are better except the heart-burn. I hear that means the baby will have lots of hair.

Today officially markes the half-way mark for me. I am 20 weeks today!