Friday, January 22, 2010

New Plan of Action

The workout DVDs that I have in rotation now are Punch Up Your Walk (Leslie Sansone), The Biggest Loser (Wii), and Turbo Jam. *Punch Up Your Walk has to be my fave right now!! I ordered this DVD over Christmas break from Amazon and it has been amazing! This DVD set came with a pair of weighted gloves that you use while walking to add an extra burn to your workout. The entire DVD totals 4 miles but so far I’ve only done 2 miles and burned 340 calories max. I will be happy when I know the routine well enough to listen to my I-Pod while working out. *Another newbie in rotation is The Biggest Loser (Wii). I like this workout because it gets your heart rate up while having fun at the same time. I plan on purchasing a balance board to get the best use of this workout and to track my weight loss for the 30-day challenge. *Turbo Jam - still love it! I might add Hip Hop Abs back once a week.

I modified my supplements recently so I am currently taking Chlorella, Biotin, Liver Essentials, Neem Leaf, and Olive Leaf Extract. They all play a vital role in my overall health.

Things to Incorporate

Incorporate more veggies into my diet
Get rid of the junk and eat fruit as my snack
Buy a rotisserie chicken from Sam’s once a week for easy meals
Eat a salad with dinner/lunch daily
Track calories burned during each workout

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year = Better Habits

Happy New Year!!

I must say that last year was filled with lots of ups and downs but through it all I made progress in my journey to lose weight. I learned/ am still learning about what works and what doesn’t work for my body. I know that this year, I must go to the next level in my efforts to get rid of this weight.

One of my weight loss mentors said that one doesn’t need to be motivated to lose weight, motivation is based on emotions and emotions are fickle. You should make weight loss a habit like your personal hygiene. You wouldn’t go a day without brushing your teeth or showering, you should think of exercising the same way. If I want to succeed in my efforts, I MUST, I MUST, I MUST be persistent with making exercise a priority and a daily habit. Will I lose ALLLLL the weight that I was aiming to lose by my birthday (April 2)? Definitely not, but I will be one step closer to making this weight loss a lifestyle change instead of a temporary fix.