Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On My Own

Now that it’s cold outside, I’ve decided to take a break from my trainer. With trying to get through the final stages of being pre-approved for a house, my wallet could use the break also. My plan is to start back going in the spring to lose the pounds I’m not able to do on my own and to tone up. I love, love my trainer, but I just need to shift my focus right now. If I keep with the same principles she’s used to get me this far, I know that I can meet my goal. In order to get the results I want to see, I have to push harder and beyond my comfort zone. 

I decided to get some of the Turbo Jam Elite dvds. So far, I have the Fat Blaster, Totally Tubular, and Cardio Party Mix 3. I was able to get them BRAND NEW for a great deal on Ebay. I’ve tried Fat Blaster so far and boy is it a workout! It kinda reminds me of Turbo Fire. I think this will be an awesome workout to prep me for my next level of fitness, Turbo Fire.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year, New Things

Happy New Year!!

I'm proud to say that I ended 2012 on a good note, down more pounds than I started the year at and overall in a good place.  I’ve still been going to my trainer. I’ve lost 15 pounds and lost 20+ inches since starting with her in October; go me! My eating over the holidays wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. I gained 4 pounds while I was out. In the last week, I’ve caught some type of nasty virus, so I don’t eat as much as I should. That being the case, I haven’t been able to exercise, so hopefully I will be able to do something from home tonight.

For 2013, I’ve set some goals to give me some type of accountability on this journey.

Feb 14 - 13lbs by Vday (random short term goal)
April 2 - 20 more lbs by my birthday
June 2 - 15 lbs Family vacay with mom, sis husbands and kiddies.
Sept 1 - 21 lbs Dh's birthday

At any given time I will be, counting calories, low carbing, working out with a trainer 3 days a week and doing my own exercise in my free time. I hope that I will reach my goal sooner, but these dates are realistic for me. 

I'm so excited about what's in store for 2013!