Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Before Pic 12/15/08

So yesterday was the first day that I started my journey. I'm not gonna lie and say I followed ALL the rules but I followed most (read some) of them. Now I should probably be ashamed to post this pic but to hell with it, maybe this will serve as my motivation. I have a pooch and some fat thighs that I need to get rid of STAT! I have never had a pooch and I'm having a hard time understanding why I've been plagued with it for the last couple of years. Did birth control do it? Maybe a colonics will help it? Who knows. All I know is this lovely lady lump is no longer welcome on my body.

On to my second dilemma, I took my measurements yesterday and they are soooo out of proportion that I can't even post them. Yeah, they're that bad. What upsets me is, I've been wearing the wrong bra size for a good part of this year. I'm just glad my extra dough wasn't visible when I wore fitted shirts. I need help like 2 bra sizes ago y'all.

Anywho, we'll see how the rest of this week goes.


Trying to hold on

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pop, Lock and Drop it

Monday December 15, 2008 I am officially starting my journey to lose 64 pounds by June 2, 2008. I created a blog to keep me motivated and track my progress. I am kick starting my program with a boot camp while my sister, Brittany, is here on winter break from MTSU. Sit back, relax or join in as we Pop, Lock and Drop it like it's hot!!


1. No eating after 8:00.

2. No fried foods.

3. At least 2 servings of fruit and/or vegetables daily.

4. Chicken, turkey and fish only are the only meats to be consumed.

5. Burn 1600 calories weekly.

6. Grapefruit juice and water are the only beverages to be consumed.

7. Exercise daily for 45 minutes - 1 hour.

8. 100 sit-ups daily.

9. Limit sugar intake.

10. Stay positive.