Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No Scales Allowed

Scales are no longer welcome in my home!  I am so OVER it.  After I started over in Induction, I was 100% committed to Atkins. When I didn’t see any pounds come off, I was discouraged.  I was so discouraged that I let a few bad habits creep back into my life.  Up until yesterday, I hadn’t exercised in a minute (was having knee issues). 
I went to the doctor last week to check up on my knee and come to find out, I had inflammation surrounding it.  Years ago I had a similar issue…..She reminded me of her findings from that time; the cartilage around my knee was thinning.  She told me that I shouldn’t ever do squats.  Disappointing because I want/need to do some sort of exercises for my bootay.  Anywho, I was happy it wasn’t arthritis.  I will just have to find other exercises to work that area.  For now, she prescribed 550MG of Naproxen and I can only use the recumbent bike when I go to the gym for the next 30 days.  BooORrrrING…But I’m willing to do what I MUST to lose this weight because that is a contributing factor.  
Yesterday was my first day back at the gym and it wasn’t SO BAD, just a little boring.  I think I will use this time to start focusing on my upper body and weight lifting so I can make good use of my time and membership.