Friday, January 27, 2012

Atkins Approved!

(Induction friendly low-carb pizza I made January 18)

I must say that I’m loving the Atkins lifestyle change! I’ve slipped up here and there, but, for the most part I stick to the plan 90% of the time. Buuut, I’m trying to get to 100%. I don’t know how much weight I’ve shed, but I do know that it’s pounds AND inches based on how my pants are all saggy in the bootay area. My weight has fluctuated so much that I’m not 100% sure of the exact amount that I’ve lost. I’ll just wait until I’m 30 days in to confirm the numbers.

I just ordered the new book “The New Atkins for a New You” from Ebay. If there was one downfall that I want to overcome, it would be finding creative ways to cook the same foods so that they don’t bore me out. Hopefully the new book will assist me in that area. Other than that, I’m alright. I started Atkins on January 3 in the Induction phase. Because I haven’t been 100% like I should, I’ve extended the Induction phase through to February 7. At that point, I will move on to Phase 2 of Atkins. It’s my wish that I have continued success with Atkins and soon, I hope to reveal a new and better me.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Plan of Action

Things to do in 2012

New blog design – I want something that’s more personable.

Clever post topics (i.e. Moody Monday) – Sometimes I have no clue what some of my topics should be; I’ve seen other bloggers use this style and me likey!

Post more consistently – Helps me to be accountable and I love writing.

Include other categories – I have a lot going on in my life besides trying to lose weight, why not share it?

Join the YMCA – They offer a wide selection of classes AND the biggest perk? They will watch your little one while you workout for free. Another incentive, my husband’s job will pay a portion of the cost. I’m so excited! Note - Joined Thursday January 5, 2012. Everyone in our household is on the plan and it’s such an affordable price.

Modify eating habits with Atkins - The jury is still out on if it helps me to lose weight. I'm still in Phase I, which is Induction. I will say that my appetite is suppressed and my cravings have decreased.

Start using apple cider vinegar again - My mom has been consuming it and having great total body results. Reminds me of the good it did me, when I would add it to my grapefruit juice.


Happy New Year!

With a New Year, comes a new attitude. I’m ready to see major loss in 2012. My long-term 2012 goal is to be out of the 200’s (YIKES!) by my wedding anniversary, October 25, 2012. My short-term goal is to lose 25 pounds by my birthday, April 2, 2012. To begin, I started the Atkins diet on Tuesday, January 3. In the past, I’ve tried lowering my calories and exercising as a weight loss method, to no avail. I’m thinking that as I get older, my body isn’t very carb friendly, so that’s why I want to give Atkins a try.

For fitness, I attempted to do Turbo Fire, but quickly had to stop. I am so NOT there right now. I will continue with Turbo Jam and start taking the classes and using the equipment at the Y until I’m ready. Hopefully I can start Turbo Fire in February.